Don't lose control over work requests.
Centralize, structure, & automate with .

Isla is your hub to send and receive structured requests, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth messages, interruptions, and context switching at the workplace.

Why Isla

Unplanned work made simple

Stop being bombarded by unstructured requests via email, Slack, or other tools. Isla is the easiest way to bring order to the disorder: just share your link and start receiving requests.

Share a link to your team

The easiest way to have people submit requests to you.

Centralize work requests

Receive all requests in one place, eliminating interruptions and context-switching.

Structure requests

Get rid of the unnecessary back-and-forth for more context with structured requests forms.

After Isla
Before Isla

No more interruptions and context switching

Work undistracted with Isla’s innovative request management functionalities. All incoming requests are centralized in one place, with automated and customizable daily digests.

“Isla lets you be single-threaded on the job-to-be-done while requests from clients and colleagues come in asynchronously for later.”

Romeo Bellon, Founder @ Isla
Inbox user interface

Fast-track requests resolution

Structured forms will ensure requests from colleagues and clients come ready to address. Ensure relevance and comprehensiveness of incoming requests and avoid unnecessary back-and-forth messages.

Customer profile user interface

For productivity chasers

Increase throughput

Avoid unwanted external interruptions with centralized requests and daily digests.

Minimize misunderstandings

Reduce the risk of back-and-forth interactions with prestructured incoming requests.

Cut down dependencies

Automate updates on status requests to provide visibility and ensure smooth running of workflows.

Tool agnostic

Limit access to your task management tools with Isla as a buffer to preserve your work integrity.

Maximize revenue

Centralize incoming requests in one place with automated daily digests to save time and maximize revenue.

Ensure consistency

Avoid laborious exchanges with your clients thanks to custom-made request forms.

Provide visibility

Give your client visibility on your work with automated status updates on ongoing requests.

Tool agnostic

Limit access to your task management tools with Isla as a buffer to preserve your work integrity

Improve focus

Centralized requests and customizable daily digests reduce the noise around you

Resolve bottlenecks

Cut down dependencies around your team with automated status updates on ongoing requests.

Automate workflows

Seamless integrations and approval/denial mechanism to make requests prioritization and validation effortless.

Keep control

Limit access to your task management tools to prevent flooding the tech team with irrelevant requests.


Connect to the apps you already love to use

Isla has several pre-installed apps that you can easily plug into your workflows.

Google CalendarGoogle Calendar