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An alternative to Zendesk for small and medium B2B businesses

By Antoine Aubert

Last update on Dec 26, 2022 · less than a minute read

Zendesk has become a comprehensive customer service platform for sales and customer support teams. However, many small and medium B2B businesses are willing to consider a solution more suited to their needs.

Why is there a need for a Zendesk alternative for SMBs?

  1. Complexity: Zendesk offers a wide range of features and modules, making it overwhelming for new users of customer service software. Getting up to speed with the available tools and functions takes some time.
  2. User interface: While Zendesk offers some customization options, the user interface does not have an intuitive 'look and feel,' and it's not really collaborative, which is paramount for small and medium businesses. 
  3. Complex pricing: Zendesk pricing starts at USD 49/month/agent and can go as high as $215/agent/month. This represents a significant share of the monthly software budget for SMBs employing multiple people in their customer support team. In the end, many small businesses end up paying for features they don't even use in the first place.
  4. Inconsistent customer support: Zendesk customer support is uneven, which makes the case challenging for clients who need flexible onboarding and personalized human help.

How does Isla compare to Zendesk?

Isla focuses on the specific needs of B2B businesses meaning lower yet more complex client touchpoints. 

  1. Built for B2B: Isla's purpose is to manage the lower volume, higher complexity issues businesses' clients face. You can embark on the most knowledgeable internal or external experts within each client request in one click. Built for deep collaboration and teamwork: Isla empowers your teams to break down silos and decrease tickets solving times through expert-level collaboration. We enable multiple support agents to access a single support account and dispatch the work across teams; 
  2. Intuitive UI: Isla was created with client-centric teams in mind and has a very gentle learning curve. With simple inboxes for teams and individuals, you can now seamlessly manage, filter, and forward requests within your organization;
  3. Transparent and straightforward pricing: Isla for teams starts at EUR 15 per monthly seat. You can spend less to get more. Everyone receives an enterprise product with no hidden costs;
  4. 24/7 access to the Isla support team so businesses' queries can be handled without delays.

Request early access to our private beta if you want to move on with the efficient async client and internal teams communication that ensures client knowledge does not get lost.

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