Five reasons why unstructured work requests prevent proper prioritization of work

By Antoine Aubert

Last update on Dec 08, 2022 · less than a minute read

We at Isla are strong defenders of structured work requests. Short-written work requests coming unstructured can strongly affect your productivity as an individual and a team. Here are a few reasons to push you to adopt strong written communication guidelines in your company. 

  1. Without structure and context, it can be challenging to understand the importance or urgency of a work request. This can lead to incorrect prioritization and misallocation of resources. On the other side, having 100% of requests come with an indication of the level of emergency (it can be sub-dependencies or impact on business) help people be 10x more productive.
  2. Without a clear understanding of the goals and objectives of a particular request, it can be difficult to align it with the broader priorities of the organization. This can lead to a lack of focus and direction in our work.
  3. Without proper context, it can be difficult to anticipate potential challenges or obstacles that may arise during the execution of a work request. This can result in delays and inefficiencies.
  4. The lack of structure and context makes it difficult to communicate and collaborate with others on a particular request effectively. This can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts, hindering our ability to prioritize.
  5. Finally, the absence of structure and context can make it difficult to measure the success or effectiveness of a work request. Without this information, it can be challenging to determine whether or not our prioritization efforts are yielding the desired results.

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