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How a Ticketing System Can Streamline Your Team's Communication

By Romeo Bellon

Last update on Dec 26, 2022 · 2 min read

What's a Ticketing System

For those who don't know, a ticketing system is a type of customer support and communication platform specifically designed to help teams and businesses manage and resolve customer inquiries and issues. It allows teams to track and manage customer support requests, prioritize and assign tasks to team members, and collaborate and communicate effectively to resolve customer issues in a timely and efficient manner.

Typical features of a Ticketing System

A ticketing system, in its standard function to support customers, includes features such as:

  • A central platform for managing and tracking customer support requests;
  • The ability to assign tasks and prioritize issues based on severity and impact;
  • Collaboration tools for teams to communicate and work together to resolve customer issues;
  • Integration with other business tools, such as CRM systems and email;
  • Automated notifications and alerts to keep team members informed about changes and updates.

By using a ticketing system, teams can streamline their communication and coordination efforts to provide better customer support and improve overall team efficiency. For example, team members can use the system to communicate and collaborate in real time to resolve customer issues, and they can use the tracking and assignment features to prioritize and manage their workloads effectively. Additionally, the integration with other business tools can help teams to maintain a comprehensive and organized view of customer interactions and support requests.

All right then. If ticketing systems do a great job in helping teams support customers, why are we even using tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams internally between indiviauls and teams, when a similar relation exists? What if we could extend the ticketing paradigm to internal communications?

A Ticketing System for Teams

Enter Isla for Teams, a ticketing system designed for internal communication. It helps teams manage and coordinate internal communication, support efforts, and interactions. With Isla, teams can receive, filter, and dispatch requests within the company and among team members, ensuring that requests are structured and actionable. This can help teams to provide better support to clients and colleagues and improve overall team efficiency.

But wait, how is Isla different?

  1. With Isla, each team in the company has a shared inbox where requests are received and assigned to team members. This allows teams to easily track and manage support requests from other teams and coworkers and collaborate and communicate effectively to resolve issues promptly without losing information in threads or DMs. This is especially useful for distributed teams spanning multiple time zones.
  2. Additionally, Isla's custom forms ensure that teams only receive actionable and context-rich requests. This can help to reduce interruptions and distractions, ensuring that team members are focused on the most important tasks. And with Isla's dispatch features, teams can route requests to the most relevant person in the team, further streamlining the process and improving team efficiency.
  3. Last but not least, Isla allows for company-wide search, which enables individuals to look for competencies rather than job titles.

Isla for Teams was specifically designed to improve communication and coordination within and across an organization. Unlike typical ticketing systems, which are often used only by customer support or IT departments, Isla is used by individuals and teams in all departments and industries.

Unlike tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, which can often lead to interruptions and context-switching, Isla is conceived to help teams stay focused and productive. With Isla, teams can receive new requests in their personal inboxes once they have been dispatched to them, allowing team members to stay focused on their work without being interrupted by notifications or messages from other team members.

Overall, Isla for Teams offers a new way of handling tickets for individuals and teams that improves communication in the workplace and eliminates the distractions and interruptions that can hinder team productivity. It is a powerful ticketing system that can help teams to manage better and coordinate their communication and support efforts, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased team productivity.

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