Isla for Teams


Receive, filter, and dispatch requests

Isla for Teams centralizes requests coming to your team and ensures they are structured and actionable.

One team, one inbox

Each team in your organization gets a shared inbox, where requests are received and assigned to team members.

Ensure structured requests

With Isla and its custom forms, your team only receives requests from clients, colleagues, and other teams that are actionable and context-rich.

Dispatch requests to team members

Seamlessly route requests to the most relevant person in the team, relieving the others from unnecessary distractions.

Help everyone stay focused

Team members receive new requests in their personal inboxes once they have been dispatched to them.

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  • Works with your current productivity stack.
  • Immediately benefit from a 10x improved work request average quality.
  • Embedded in your main Slack channel or email signature.
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