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Romeo Bellon

Founder @ Isla

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. — Seneca

TeamDeep Work

Feature Request

Create a Feature Request for the Isla website

SLA: 3 days

Ask a question

Open channel for questions about Isla as I'm working on it.

SLA: 5 days

Bug Report

Create a bug report for the Isla website

SLA: 1 days


Initiate a collaboration 'Archipelago' between Islas.

SLA: 4 weeks


  • How do I do that?

    Complete your profile, create a few request types and share your Isla with colleagues on Slack or in your email signature.

  • Why Isla

    Isla encourages deep work. It helps you plan uninterrupted time, lets your colleagues submit requests, and copies them to your task management tool.

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